Poster Presentation 

First NameSurnameProgramInstitutionTitlePoster
NilakshiAbeysinghePhDUniversity of ManitobaChickpea protein concentrates: extraction, structural characterization, and functional properties1
VidheeshaAbeysingheMScUniversity of ManitobaCanola protein-based sustainable food packaging materials: Effect of chemical modification of protein and nanomaterials.2
HelenAgunbiadeMScUniversity of ManitobaIn vitro bioactive properties of pea, hemp, and lupin protein hydrolysates3
NnedinsoAguwaMScUniversity of ManitobaAcute effects of cooked Canadian wild rice and wild rice blends on appetite and blood glucose responses in adults4
Jose AlejandroAlmodovar GomezPhDUniversity of ManitobaSoil-building Practices versus Conventional Farming practices effect on N2O Emissions and Yield at the NCLE Long-term Research Site in Southern Manitoba5
MayuriBanePhDUniversity of ManitobaEnhancing Functionality of Sustainable Protein isolates from Canadian dry beans: Extraction, Pre-processing, Germination, and Storage.6
NguyenBuiMScUniversity of ManitobaAssessing in vitro methodologies to determine protein quality of processed plant-based samples7
MinxuanCaiMScUniversity of ManitobaThe Effect of High-Moisture Extrusion on the Protein Quality of Meat Analogues made with Sunflower Meal8
CristinaChairez JimenezPhDTecnologico de Monterrey / University of ManitobaFunctional and chemical characterization of canola protein film reinforced with modified nanomaterials, plasticizer, and cross-linking agents9
JiayiChenMScUniversity of ManitobaEffects of thermal and non-thermal processing on anti-nutritional factors in yellow pea and its derivatives10
StanleyChukwuejimPhDUniversity of ManitobaIn Silico Investigation of C-Terminal Arginine Containing Hydrolysate Peptides from White Lupin (Lupinus albus) for Potential Arginase inhibitory Activity11
SathsaraDeyalageMScUniversity of ManitobaUnveiling the Nutritional Potential and Digestibility Characteristic of Underutilized Ancient Wheat Species12
DilanganieDissanayakaPhDUniversity of SaskatchewanIncreasing the protein content in starch-rich pulse flours by submerged fermentation using GRAS microorganisms13
ThiliniDissanayakePhDUniversity of ManitobaComparative Study on the Functional Properties of Hemp Protein Extracted Using Different Methods14
Jasper Okoro GodwinElechiMScUniversity of ManitobaExploring the Application of INFOGEST for Understanding the in-vitro Food Digestibility15
MackenzieFergusonMScuniversity of ManitobaAssessing the application of intermediate wheatgrass as a fortifying flour to complement bread wheat16
AdamFranczykPhDUniversity of ManitobaThe impact of amino acid reference patterns on the in vitro protein quality of pre-treated pulse products17
AdewunmiGiwaPhDUniversity of ManitobaPhysicochemical and Functional Characterization of Yellow Field Pea Vicilin and Legumin Fractions18
AmandaGomes Almeida SaPDFUniversity of ManitobaFree Asparagine Concentration of Field Peas19
JanineHansenMScUniversity of ManitobaUse of bread waste in feedlot diets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions20
AnuruddikaHetti HewagePhDUniversity of ManitobaComparative study on the structure-functional properties of fava bean proteins extracted using different wet extraction techniques21
SarahHogarthMScUniversity of SaskatchewanEffect of Canola Oil Emulsion Droplet Size in Faba Bean Protein Isolate Films22
MalloryHulmeFood Development CentreProtein yield and functionality comparison of extracted white pea bean and chickpea proteins23
ZainabHusainMScUniversity of ManitobaOptimization of novel divalent salt-based extraction for fava bean protein with improved yield and purity24
MichaelJanzenUniversity of ManitobaProduction of White Pea Bean and Chickpea Protein Concentrates by Dry Fractionation25
MichaelJanzenUniversity of ManitobaDetermination of Metal Content in Plant-Based Protein Supplements using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectroscopy Techniques26
Maheshika DilrukshiJayasingheMScUniversity of ManitobaEnhancing Sustainable Protein Utilization by Modifying the Techno-functional Properties of Pulse Seeds using Micronization Processing27
PinarKadioglu SenturkPhDUniversity of SaskatchewanInvestigating Functional and Surface Properties of Protein Isolates for 3D Printed Plant Based Meat Analogs Targeting Dysphagia28
SunitaKarkiMScUniversity of ManitobaImpact of Soybean Pre-treatments on Nutritional Quality of Wheat-Oat-Soy Biscuits29
KiranbirKaurMScUniversity of SaskatchewanExtraction of calcium carbonate and collagen peptides/amino acids from waste eggshells30
VishvendraKumarMScUniversity of SaskatchewanUtilizing Fusarium-damaged wheat kernels as a feedstock for the black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens)31
ShengnanLiPhDUniversity of ManitobaEffect of dietary supplemented fish oil (FO) on immune response to LPS challenge in layers32
SiwenLuoPhDUniversity of ManitobaInnovative approaches in high-protein snack production: Insights from high-speed imaging, X-ray tomography, & nitrogen gas-assisted extrusion33
OnesmusMaithyaPhDUniversity of ManitobaOptimized Valorization of Canola Meal into Hybrid Wood Bioadhesives: Self-Reinforced Canola Meal Hybrid Bioadhesives34
Rosa MaríaMariscal-MorenoUniversidad IberoamericanaGerminated Vigna unguiculata flour as a potential food ingredient35
LiamMartinRed River College PolytechSupporting Manitoba's Agri-Food System by Using Local Ingredients to Develop an Egg-Replacer Prototype36
MikhailMaslovPDFUniversity of ManitobaAgronomical opportunities to lower food production N2O footprint in Manitoba37
ElhamMerrikhi ArdebiliPhDUniversity of ManitobaDesigning bilayered composite films by direct agar/canola and citric acid-crosslinked PVA/AGAR layer-by-layer casting for packaging application38
AbhiroopMookerjeePhDUniversity of SaskatchewanEnhancing techno-functionality of proteolyzed pea proteins using Maillard-induced conjugation with low-cost hydrolyzed pea starch fraction39
Si NhatNguyenPhDUniversity of ManitobaPolyamines in barley grains: Relationship with protein content and distribution in pearling fractions40
SithabileNyathiMScUniversity of ManitobaAmmonia Volitilization and wheat yield from urea-based fertilizers treated with novel nitrogen stabilizers41
KofiOduroMScUniversity of ManitobaChickpea As An Alternative Protein Source: Improving Sustainability In The Protein Industry42
AbisoyeOlukitibiMScUniversity of ManitobaEffect of defatting solvent type on the structure and function of isolated Moringa stenopetala seed proteins43
TimilehinOluwajuyitanPhDUniversity of ManitobaAntioxidant and in vitro enzyme inhibition activities of fava bean bioactive peptides44
Foluke DamilolaOyekaleMScUniversity of ManitobaInvestigating the post-prandial glycemic response to wild rice cakes in a randomized controlled crossover trial45
YangQiuUniversity of ManitobaMicrobial Control and Analytical Assessments for Ensuring Food Safety in Sustainable Protein Based Foods46
FadiRamadanPDFUniversity of ManitobaSpecific Dietary Protein Sources Reduce Hepatic Steatosis Independently of Body Weight47
Flavia AdaisRocha dos SantosPhDUniversity of ManitobaEnzymatic modification of canola oil preceding conjugation with globulin for nanodelivery system production48
RidaSabirovaPhDUniversity of ManitobaModelling the impact of management practices on N2O emissions – Limitations of the DNDC model49
SachiniSenarathnaMScUniversity of ManitobaDoes the defatting technique impact structural and functional characteristics of oat protein isolate?50
PoorvaSharmaPDFUniversity of SaskatchewanOptimization of spray drying parameters for encapsulation of Lactobacillus casei using mathematical modelling51
RavinderSinghPhDUniversity of ManitobaProcessing Indigenous wild rice into value-added plant-based meat alternatives: a step towards sustainable wild-rice ecosystem52
AmanjeetSinghMScUniversity of ManitobaHigh moisture extrusion texturization of air classified barley protein for production of novel meat analogues53
ReynaStefansonMScUniversity of ManitobaDetermining Acrylamide in bread made with Diverse Canadian Wheat Cultivars54
BeverlyTooPDFUniversity of ManitobaA plant protein industry created for the Prairies through revibration of traditional wild rice55
Harshani NadeeshaniVidana HewagePhDUniversity of ManitobaClimate-smart white lupin as a sustainable source for the alternative protein industry: Impact of extraction on protein functionality and quality56
GuwanthWanigasuriyaMScUniversity of ManitobaEffect of advanced oxidative decontamination on the techno-functional properties of flaxseed57
MadelineWarburtonMScUniversity of SaskatchewanAntimicorbial Biodegradable Films for the Preservation of Raw Meat58
ChengrongWenPhDUniversity of ManitobaUnderstanding the potential application of potato flour in gluten-free bread59
Muhandiramlage Minoli TharukaWijesekaraMScMcGill UniversityUtilization of crab shells for sustainable extraction of proteins60